The Postpartum Anxiety


Calm your Body. Calm your Mind. Calm your Life. 




Postpartum Anxiety


Calm your Body. Calm your Mind. Calm your Life.

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Your body has stored emotion since you were born. 


Any time you didn’t know how to process a big emotion or a traumatic experience, it was tucked away and saved for later. (Incredible, huh? This explains so much…)

And you know those old mailboxes? Where the little flag let you know if it’s empty or full of mail?

I believe that sometimes your body gets full of emotion. And at some point for each of us, too full. Postpartum anxiety and depression are like that mailbox flag. 

The mailbox flag says,
“Time to take out the mail!”

Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum Depression are saying, “Time to release all this stored emotion and trauma!”

That’s right. 

Your subconscious mind is actually in charge of your overall healing. 

And when your body is full, it will send you anxiety and depressiveness (among other things like chronic pain or illness) to get your attention focused on your healing.


But how does a postpartum mom go about taking the time and energy and emotional space (feeling overwhelmed? Hang with me.) to go through the deep, dark old stuff…. Safely, might I add…. All while managing this anxiety or feeling less depressed so she can get back to her motherhood? 

We don’t want things to get worse when we can barely keep our head above water?!


Exactly. That’s why unlike many therapists, who go deep first, I give postpartum moms the mindful body-and-mind-calming tools to take their mental health back to baseline.

Stability first, because I know how overwhelming, demanding and busy postpartum motherhood is. 

The Calm your Body, Calm your Mind tools (taught in the course within the Membership) help you to get the day-to-day feeling stable before you start digging deeper.

Once you have your stability back and your mental health is back to baseline (what you THOUGHT you needed before coming to this page), that’s when we can get to the root.

Because you don’t want to have to deal with this again. 

Because you’re the kind of lady that would rather do the tough thing right up front, so you have true freedom over this.

So you don’t ever have to be this scared and desperate again.


I know you. 

It’s okay if you feel a bit intimidated.

It’s okay if secretly, you want to run away from this page and pretend you never learned any of this and just go back to square one. 

(And you can always wait until you feel ready…)



But deep down, we all know that we have this load of pain, sadness, bottled-up stress responses from the most vulnerable times in our life. 

And bottom line, postpartum is the best time to do this work.

Never at any other time is your body more open, more ready to move energy and set the stage for a new beginning. 

So if you’re ready to jump into this work and to trust me as your guide, purchase The Postpartum Anxiety course and let's get started.


What's in the Course?

Calm your BODY

Videos and worksheets to help get you back to baseline and calm your nervous system, regardless of what's going on around you.

Calm your MIND

Now that your body's calm, we're ready to dive in and manage those anxious thoughts running through your mind.

Calm your LIFE

The next step once your body and mind are calm, and the beautiful ripple that comes from healing postpartum anxiety.

Before the three steps (Calm your Body, Calm your Mind, Calm your Life), there's an Intro to Healing section that will help you set the stage for this work and get you believing that you CAN heal.

Mom's who've done this work with Lizzie say...

“I am looking forward to breaking the cycle and not grasping to go back to being “my old self” but rather, I’m allowing this postpartum experience to radically transform my life and help me be new. 

I love the podcast episode on whether healing is possible because it is such a great reminder that we can’t rely on meds, nutrition, or circumstance to easily stop depression. 

I am starting to lean from “probably will heal” to “healing is inevitable”. I am so grateful for Lizzie and her wisdom.”


“Sometimes I have to look at the progress I’ve made and ask myself, “who even is this person? She’s so functional!” And guys, it me! It’s really me! The person making dinner is me, the person waking up and taking care of her kids is me. That bad ass mom thinking better, more helpful thoughts, allowing space for her emotions, is me. Check me out! I’m doing it!

I was on the fence about getting coaching. I’m here today, climbing my way out of a PPD black hole and beginning to thrive in my motherhood. I will never be on the fence when it comes to my mental health again.”


“This work saved my marriage, my sanity, and I truly believe, my life. I’m so grateful each day to have grown more present and playful in my motherhood and my marriage, to make it through the day without reliance on caffeine and sugar to pull me through, and to sleep more peacefully at night. 

As mothers, we want the best for our children, and that means showing up as the best version of ourselves. If motherhood is having you feel disconnected or out of sorts – I urge you to (work with) Lizzie. She’ll help you find your way.”



The Postpartum Anxiety Course

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  • 2 hours of video instruction where you'll learn my signature process to heal postpartum anxiety
  • Supplemental course worksheets

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