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Life Coaching for Postpartum Women
Lizzie Langston, Certified Life Coach
Holistic, Body-Led, Trauma-Informed

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If you want to go from feeling depressive, anxious, or irritable postpartum to feeling calm, grounded and confident, you’re in the right place.

Hello, You Beautiful Mom

I believe that postpartum anxiety and depression are signals that you have stored trauma in your body. These symptoms aren’t a sign that you’re broken or crazy.

Their purpose is to:

  • Get your attention
  • Slow you down
  • Motivate you to focus on releasing stored trauma in your nervous system (where trauma is stored).

Your body isn't messed up, and this isn't an accident. While low sleep and hormones influence a bit, your subconscious mind and body know exactly when it's time to give you anxiety and depressiveness to help draw you to your own healing. Our bodies are incredible.

Postpartum happens to be a prime time to clear out old trauma as we make way for doing better for the next generation.

You don't have to keep feeling crappy and in survival-mode in order to do this work. Heck no, techno. Postpartum is rough enough.

In my 12-week postpartum program I teach you how to:

  • Calm anxiety in your body and in your thoughts [aka feel much less crazy and burnt out]
  • Release your root trauma safely, gently and effectively [aka get to the root cause]

It is possible to feel better!... maybe even better than "normal again".

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